Character priority

         A country's future depends on its citizen’s civilization, degrees of education, vision and character. We have been adhering to the recruit and educational concept “having both ability and political integrity, character priority”, pay attention to the demonstration of leadership and the cultivation of the employee character traits. We seek for the person who qualify for higher cultural awareness and good professional ability, go forward the development together with Centrue.


  Basis on good faith

A man without sincerity and honest won’t be respectable, so it is true with the enterprises. Honesty, as the passport of market economy , what we promise, we will abide by it, what we do; we will be responsible for it.  Like the old saying goes that Completing sincerity can affect even metal and stone. We insist on credit with tough , tensile and bearing characteristic CENTRUE has built such noble business ethic, and it is sure that CENTRUE will get stronger and stronger with healthy images. 


 Team first

 A healthy and tall trees must grow from the lush forests, if this tree left the forest, the branch will fold and the leaf will come to loose as the wind blows. In the modern society, no one alone can be hero. The competition among enterprise is not the individual competition, but team competition. Team work can always help people stimulate the incredible potential, the results of collective cooperation are often better than the individual performance. We highly praise the team spirit, advocated positive, strive to excellent work attitude to create a working atmosphere with fusion and wisdom.