Yue Xiang Industrial Company since its inception, the focus on the steel trade and logistics industry, business model innovation, integrated logistics operation and management to reduce costs for customers through the purchase and distribution and processing and distribution, to provide a safe, accurate, timely, efficient one-stop service.
As the Yue Xiang Industrial Marketing strategy, integrated logistics services play a deployment of resources, goods transportation, distribution, processing, distribution scheduling, warehousing of goods regulatory role.
    The company has a wealth of logistics operations and management experience, integrating a variety of logistics solutions, such as factory straight hair, water and land transport, the train car continental intermodal. Scientific rigor ERP management system, the smooth and efficient the OA command and control system, built up a full range of electronic management platform, provides strong support for the company's rapid business development, and introduction of a CRM customer relationship management system, the ERP and CRM integration of the two systems and integration. Thereby reducing the cost of processing logistics, improve the processing efficiency of logistics to ensure that customers buy rest assured, with satisfaction.

     Automotive distribution services play Qiyun power advantage, optimize the allocation of vehicles, the full realization of the goods Jincang --- departure --- Transport --- delivery of integrated operation.

     Cargo ship: 3500metric tons tiemin dock, daily throughput 10000 metric tons. tianjin branch 7 cargo vessel 3500 metric tons, affiliated to 3 ship fleet all the year round


  Railway   5 railway lines, dailying loading volumn more than 20000 metric tons, 120 coach work at the same time,steel product in port tianjin (dalian) was transported and shipped back to tiemin port,shanghai.we have now successfully supplied product for shangxi,tangshan,liaoning,and yangzi river area .